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TrueCrypt full-system encryption

Update 2014-05-29!
The TrueCrypt project has been suddenly dropped by it’s developers. While we wait for more news it is advisable to refrain from using it to encrypt your system. See this Krebs article for more information. If there are any updates or if there is a successful fork of the code to a new project I will update this post.

This link is to the last known good binary and source distributions of for all platforms.
SHA1: 1d503ddb5f619ca868ea42bd7435f0dff5975997
and also signed with my public key

encryptdisk_86678512Let’s say you need to encrypt your entire hard drive to protect it from “something” or “someone”. TrueCrypt full-disk encryption is a great secure choice and works with many operating systems (even allowing for dual booting). If you have a laptop with any sort of private or sensitive information it’s a must, and there is nearly no performance hit on newer machines. Machines with multiple internal (and external) drives are also a candidate since a computer with an encrypted system drive can also automatically mount any additional disks when a few requirements are met (including a special case for Windows 8/8.1). Continue reading TrueCrypt full-system encryption

vCenter server 5.5 is about to expire your password

Cloud KeyThe default behavior of vCenter server is to expire your password after 90 days. You can configure this duration, turn it off, have it notify you that your password is about to expire, or provide alternate means of authentication.

If you don’t make some sort of change however, you may find after your server has been running for months that following a reboot you suddenly can’t login. (I also hope your password is not still ‘vmware’, someone will guess that).

Get Back In

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